Darwin wall project

We intend to use both of these wall projects for forthcoming workshops…

We began our second project in the same way. We considered many images and finally chose a black and white photograph of Charles Darwin. The photo (A3 size) was divided into a square grid, 9 squares high by 9 squares wide.

As before, each square was numbered on the back and at the top. The photograph was then cut into 81 squares.

This time, instead of working directly onto a flat wall surface, we decided to use 6 inch square MDF board for each area of the image. We used 6mm thick MDF board which is very strong and light weight. Each piece of board was numbered on the back, at the top.

We gave ourselves a maximum of 10 minutes to complete each board – there were many occasions, though, when we were flexible on this ‘rule’.  Again, any art medium could be used. Also, we both found using individual boards to be a much more satisfying and pleasurable way of working.

When complete we assembled the work and attached it to a flat wall surface. Its size measured 4.5 feet square. The work was easy to dismantle and store.

Charles Darwin