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The Queen

Project kevin and me worked on with the children from Dame Catherine Harpur School in Ticknall, Derby. Was really great fun!

jane dearden the queen

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Fantastic Clown

The Brightsparks group at Embrace Arts in Leicester produced this fantastic clown artwork in the 4 week workshop that me and kevin ran. We loved doing it and everyone was amazed at the final piece!

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Darwin wall project

We intend to use both of these wall projects for forthcoming workshops…

We began our second project in the same way. We considered many images and finally chose a black and white photograph of Charles Darwin. The photo (A3 size) was divided into a square grid, 9 squares high by 9 squares wide. (more…)

Charles Darwin

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Venus wall project

what we’ve attempted here is to create a visual game for ourselves..

For our first project we began by choosing a well known painting; we chose The Birth of Venus by Botticelli. (more…)

Birth of Venus

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